Steps to Designing an Effective Business Website

Steps to Designing an Effective Business Website

“A user’s first impressions of a website can determine whether he or she forms a favorable or unfavorable view of that organization”

“Think about what ‘voice’ your content (should have) and think about how you can make that voice heard while still staying within your brand’s guidelines”. “Finding that harmony is the key to being successful. If you have a great brand but present your content in a boring way, it’s no good. If you have great and engaging content but a weak and forgettable brand, that’s no good either.”

A good business website should drive calls and sales leads, but it can’t do that if potential customers can’t reach you. “Your contact information should be visible, preferably at the top of the home page so that visitors don’t have to search for a phone number or address if they want to contact the business”

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